Grant of Probate - Supreme Court
Probate is the Supreme Court’s seal that recognises the validity of a will. This seal provides undisputed authority to the executor of a will to administer the estate and perform the duties of their role.

The Supreme Court seal of Probate is generally required by banks and share registries in order to release the assets of the estate to the executor so they can be distributed to the beneficiaries. The application for Probate can be complicated and take up to three (3) months to complete. There are a number of documents which must be lodged with the Supreme Court and various other steps. These include:
• Advertise in the Queensland Law Reporter
• Notify the Public Trustee
• Answer any objections
• File in the Supreme Court

Probate is not always required if the estate is relatively small however we are happy to assist you in determining if you require an undertaking to proceed to probate. Click the Enquire button to get in touch with us or telephone our office.
Letters of Administration - Supreme Court
If a person who has died has not nominated an executor in their will or has passed without a will then Letters of Administration may be required.

Generally a next of kin, offspring or close relative will assume the role of executor and administer the estate. This cannot be done however until that party is granted a Letters of Administration by the Supreme Court.

The process is very similar to that of Probate however the nominated person will have to satisfy the court that they should be the authorised administrator of the estate.

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