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Conveyancing Packages
Each of our conveyancing packages is designed for your budget and needs. We do not offer a "from" price and add on costs. We have a fixed, all inclusive price and are right up front about it. So no hidden surprises!

All of our packages include:
No fees for admin or processing should the contract not proceed for any reason.
No fees for finance extension responses.
No fees for Building and Pest negotiations.
No fees for you to visit our office to discuss your contract with us, if required.
No fees for phone calls and emails regarding your contract during the conveyance.

We are a boutique Property Law firm who can guide you through the conveyancing process, providing great service, and attention to detail at an affordable price.

We are pleased to:
• Provide personalised service by university law graduates or solicitors
• Liaise with Real Estate Agents, other Solicitors and your Bank
• Calculate and confirm all settlement amounts/adjustments

Although all searches are not necessarily required they do ensure complete peace of mind for your property purchase. We can can conduct custom searches if there are particular elements that you need to know about such as flood information or current and future town planning zones.

Below is a quick reference table which shows you at a glance what searches and services.

  Basic Standard Premium Custom
Fixed Fee $1,250 $1,580 $1,850 $1,500+
Solicitor Managed Matter
Contract Review
Settlement Attendance
Special Conditions Drafted
Required Searches
Standard Searches
Recommended Searches
Moreton Bay Surchage $350 $350 $350 $350
Land Purchases
Unregistered Land
If you are buying a block of land in a new estate then there is a high probability that the land has yet to be registered with the titles office. This type of land is called Unregistered Land.

You will still need to conduct the searches relevant to this type of property however we are pleased to offer a discounted flat fee of $1,250.00 inc GST to help get you into your home sooner.

Registered Land
A block of land that has already been registered with the titles office is called Registered Land. With this type of real property you will still need to conduct the normal basic searches which we can do for a fixed and all inclusive price of $1,250.00. We don't give you a "from" price and add more later. What you see is what you get!

Rural & Commercial Land
Some land sales are subject to special rural or commercial conditions. Please contact our office if you would like more information relating to rural or specialty land sales.

Which Package For You   What are Searches
It really depends on which type of property you are purchasing and how much information about that property you would like to know. We do recommend the entire suite of searches to ensure that there are no surprises for you later. We can also tailor a package for you if there are specific searches you may require like flood or outstanding planning issues.

All of our packages are managed by a Solicitor so no matter which one you chose your matter is in good hands.
  Searches provide information about the property you are buying. Basic Searches give you the minimum legal requirements needed for a property purchase however we recommend finding as much as you can out about a property.

Other Searches include:
• QCAT Search
• Pool Safety Search
• PPSR Search

Select a package below to learn more.
Conveyancing Searches
Each of our conveyancing packages is designed for your budget and needs. Click on a package name below to see what searches are included in each package.
Current Title Search

This search will provide details such as the registered owner of the property any registered encumbrances, administrative advices, covenants and easements. Results of this search provide details of any encumbrances, registered leases or caveats and the real property description and title reference.

Check Title Search

On the day of settlement another title search is conducted to ensure that the property details have not been altered between when you signed your contract and the day of settlement.

Special Water Meter Reading

The water meter of the property is read so that water usage can be calculated and adjusted at settlement. This is done so the buyer and seller only pay for their share of the water use and sewage charges.

Rates Balance Check

This search provides information about any rates owing to the local council. It is used at settlement to adjust the final figures so that the buyer and seller each pay their portion. It does not provide as much information as a Full Rate Search.

Land Tax Clearance Certificate

Land tax is attached to the property not any particular owner. Therefore it is important to learn if there are any outstanding amounts payable as a purchaser may be liable for any debt after settlement has occurred.

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